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Girl 2 Goddess (formerly From Girl II Goddess) began when Sister Lonora "Lavender Spirit" Muhammad (Co-Founder) was invited by Sister Kaleema Sumareh (RIP) to write, direct and produce a spring play for Bethune Academy (DPS) in April 2006.


Sister Lonora allowed all children who wanted to participate to be in the production. It didn't matter if they didn't have experience or desired to be in performing arts, it was important for the children to have a voice and show their creative side.


The children began laughing and showing greater interest in the arts. Unfortunately, a change in the administration's focus didn't afford her the opportunity to continue with that service. To fulfill a need, Sister Kaleema Sumareh extended another invitation, to Mahalieka Muhammad (Co-Founder and Executive Director) to ask if we would be interested in teaching "female responsibility" classes to girls in the 8th grade. We accepted the invitation to offer classes once per month for six months (December 2006-June 2007).  Thinking this would be fun and only 6 months, never could we have imagined the profound impact the classes would have on the girls and us personally. 


The sessions started off slow, but after three months, the girls expected us to return.  We thought the girls weren't paying attention until the valedictorian (the most uninterested student or so we thought) began implementing several phrases and quotes she learned from our monthly sessions.  Our mouths dropped and collectively we said at the same time, "they were listening". 


The summer went on as usual but we just couldn’t stop thinking about the girls and the great need for self-development classes that were identified. So we decided to take action and continue providing self-esteem and life-skills sessions. We knew God was actively propelling us to think and create and so we met at Starbucks (Mack & Woodward in Detroit, MI) in  August 2007 and from there the name From Girl II Goddess was born.


Our main focus would be teaching the principles of femininity, love, respect for self and authority, and how to act at home and in public. We were determined to offer free services so we called on our faith and went to work. 


We were extended an invitation by parents LaTonya Austin and Donna Harris to provide services to girls attending Parker Elementary.  We instantly fell in love with Principal Ledora Scott and she excitedly allowed us to provide free services to girls in the 7th & 8th-grade girls two hours per week.


As of today, we have served over a thousand girls and young women throughout Detroit and SE Michigan, teaching the principles of femininity, how to act at home and abroad, communication skills, cooking, and sewing and so much more.


We also offer annual community baby showers and a workshop called "The Girl Next Door" to bring awareness to human sex trafficking.


School programs are designed to fit the needs of students and the principal's vision to help students. Classes accommodate between 10-15 students in grades 5-8 and high school and last for one hour weekly.


A list of our classes is:

  • How to Change Burdens Into Blessings

  • Note to Self: (STUFF Box releasing negative thoughts) 

  • Proper Hygiene and Health (Making Oils, Sprays & Bath Salts)

  • What Do Eye See (Photography)

  • Etiquette (social and fine dining skills)

  • Life Skills 1: Overcoming Difficulty (Emotion Toolbox)

  • Lost-Found Abstinence Program

  • Respect for Authority (At Home & the Community)

  • Life Skills 2: The Road Signs of Life (Decision Making) 

  • Respect For Life

  • Life Skills 3: The Struggle for Balance (Coping Skills)

  • S.E.L.F. (Sisters Expressing Love First) 

  • How to S.E.W. (Sewing class)

  • At-One-Ment  (Atonement & Reconciliation)

  • Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation

  • How to Mend a Broken Heart (Male/female relationships),

  • Mama, I'm Sorry (Mother and Daughter Mediation & Healing) 

  • Father And Daughter Life Repair (For Single Dad or Estranged Fathers) 


Our Partners (present and former) include Parker Elementary, Bethune Academy, Dossin Elementary, Hamilton Elementary, Muhammad University of Islam-Detroit, CIS (Detroit),  Detroit Parent Network, The 180 Program, DRMM, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Detroit M.G.T., 10K Fearless of Detroit just to name a few.


We are loved and have been supported by some of the most phenomenal people and leadership including, but not limited to Sister Dr. Ava Muhammad (National Spokesperson to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan), Ledora Scott (former Principal or Parker & Dossin-DPS), Rev. Shaheerah Stephens (Transforming Love Community Church), Danni Stillwell, Frankie Darcel (92.3 FM), Gwendolyn Winston (G. Bailey Winston Enterprise & Wisdom Institute), Sister Dr. Missey Muhammad (M.G.T. & G.C.C.-Nation of Islam), Tamyra Brooks, Valerie Muhammad, Carol Muhammad, Raphael B. Johnson (The 180 Program), C. Kofi Kenyatta, Abdul Rahman Muhammad, Keeli Lackey, and parents super awesome LaTonya K. Austin, Donna Muhammad and Andrea Moss just to name a few. 


For the last 17 years, we have constantly sought new partnerships and supporters to provide life-saving and impactful services to participants.  Call us today to schedule a needs assessment meeting.  


We’re striving to be the CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.



Lonora "Lavender Spirit" Muhammad, Co-Founder

Kaleema Sumareh Hasan, Scholar, Poet, Social Justice Advocate &
My Big Sister (RIP)

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