What We Do!

G2G Mentoring (11-17 female)


We partner with schools and organizations to provide fun and inactive in-school programs to create safe havens to inspire girls to share stories, heal and learn the value of self-love, self-respect and self-discipline.


The girls learn the principles of femininity via a self-help curriculum using mediums of art, culture and fashion, creative writing and journaling, music, poetry, culinary arts/cooking and martial arts to display to encourage nature in which they were created.


These programs are designed to turn high-risk behaviors into modest conduct to prevent abuse, neglect and disrespect of self and from others. Classes are offered once per week to 6-8th grade and/or high school girls (9-12) and can be catered to fit your organization’s needs. 

How To Give Birth To Greatness Community Baby Shower


A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman.  The Black woman is the mother of civilization and the woman general is the vehicle by which the greatest human beings ever to walk the earth comes from. She is the SOLUTION to producing answers to the problems of the world.  


How To Give Birth to Greatness Community Baby Shower, supports young girls and women. Each baby shower is unique and offers several classes designed to inspire motivate and support moms in the areas of:


  • What to Expect When Expecting: 1st Time Moms

  • Parenting 101: How to Give Birth to A God

  • In the Beginning Was the Womb: Bag Lady Syndrome

  • What’s Love Got to Do With it: Male/ Female Relationships Guidance

  • Physical Fitness

  • The Force and Power of Prayer

  • Anger Management: Road Signs to a Better Life.

  • How To Eat To Live: How to Cook Quick, Delicious and Nutritious  Meals

  • Breastfeeding Demo

  • Time Management: The Keys to Balancing New Life


Low income and at risk moms are also given resources, gift bags and/or a car seat, stroller or mattresses from one of our sponsors.

Conflict Resolution Workshops and Mother and Daughter Mediation


Conflict and miscommunication is the root cause of dysfunction in relationships. Usually, in a conflict, there are two conflicting parties, and a third hand (unknown person) involved.  This third hand is the person who instigates and triggers events to start or keep up a conflict.

As women and girls, we must be equipped with tools to prevent or reduce conflicts within ourselves, with family or friends, in marriages, among peers at school or at work and MOST IMPORTANTLY between mothers and daughters.


Our goal is to find the root cause of the conflict, develop workable solutions and obtain basic agreement from both parties involved in the dispute.  The mediation is delivered in a private or open-forum format using group support. The meeting is confidential and is a safe haven for all parties.   


Our trained mediators love to serve, have good character, use rational thinking and have good listening skills. In matters involving men and boys, such as domestic disputes, we partner with trained male mediators to bring balance to the discussion.


We desire and want to make our neighborhoods a decent place to live.