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2023 HTGBG Reverence The Womb Community Baby Shower (5).png

Detroit, Michigan

The 2023 How To Give Birth To A God  "Reverence The Womb"

Community Baby Shower


Pre-Registration Now Open 

(First-Time Expecting Moms Ages 13-25 ~ Dads are Welcomed)

Pre-Register Here:

Girl 2 Goddess and various community organizations present a powerful partnership for maternal health and maternal justice. Our collective years of experience serving women, girls, and families have blessed us to build a bond within the community and provide resources, and host impactful events. 

Mission Statement: To lower the maternal-infant mortality rate of low-income and at-risk girls and millennials through education, and increase family self-sufficiency by providing resources, financial and entrepreneurship literacy, and the keys to building healthy relationships and strong families. 

A crime against a woman or girl is a crime against humanity. As women, we are the Co-Creators and the Second Self of God. This comes with great responsibility and should come with an urgency to protect at all cost, the vessel God uses to bring forth new life. 

Reverence carries a deep significance, that you can achieve with the proper knowledge. To revere something is to hold it in awe or to hold it in high esteem. If you and I revere the womb we were given at birth or revere the womb of our blessed mother who bore us, we will produce or develop "a feeling or an attitude of deep respect, love, and awe" for the woman who, by God's undeserved mercy and for the child being fashioned in her divine womb. 

At the 2023 How To Give Birth To A God "Reverence The Womb" Community Baby Shower, participants will learn the value of their two wombs. The two wombs are your physical womb and the womb of your mind and heart.


Participants should expect four (4) components of the giving birth process:


  1. Mental (Feeding On Positive & Healthy Thoughts) 

  2. Sacredness/Spiritual (Guarding Your Space and Setting Boundaries)

  3. Physical (Eating Healthy Food, and Actions and Surrounding Yourself With Positive People)

  4. How to Choose the Right Mate


Upon completion of the event, you will be inspired to eat right, think right, and act right and in line with what is expected of you from God. You will learn the importance of "Womb justice", healthier food options, the importance of obtaining knowledge by reading and from our elders, how to choose the proper mate, and more. 

Girl 2 Goddess is a NO JUDGMENT service provider. To learn more about our programs and services please visit or call/text us at 313.351.9424. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Location, Date & Time TBA (masks may be required) 


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