Girl2Goddess and GenerationIIGeneration present a powerful partnership for maternal health. Our collective 30 years of experience serving women, girls, and families have allowed us to build a bond within the community and provide resources and host impactful events. 


Mission Statement: To lower the maternal-infant mortality rate through education, increase family self-sufficiency by providing resources, financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, and provide a path toward homeownership or affordable housing for pregnant families.


Maternal/Infant Mortality Program Offers Four Services:


1. Maternal/Infant Mortality Resources

2. Financial Literacy

3. Entrepreneurship Training      

4. Homeownership and Affordable Housing (After Successful Completion of all Financial/Entrepreneurship Programs)

To attend the baby shower, you must participate in qualifying surveys. To complete the first survey click the link below.

Thank you and see you soon!

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