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OUR WORK continues with the 5th Annual Girl Next Door community forum on Human Sex Trafficking & Sexual Abuse of Black youth. I know it's a tough subject and sometimes we don't want to deal with members in our family or "family friends" who are guilty of such horrific crimes against our children.


This year we must address the abuse of our boys as well as our girls. SOMEBODY has to share information and offer preventative tools and teach our girls and boys when they are being groomed to be exploited for the sexual gratification of SICK and demonic men and women, who most times have been abused as well.


We must talk about the 64,000 women and girls who have gone missing WITHOUT a trace. We have to talk about our boys disappearing and when found, organs are missing from their bodies.


This year we'll have male and female panelists and counselors to help anyone who may be triggered by the discussion and we'll offer resources from experts to give you the help you need if you want it. The event is FREE and open to the public and seating is VERY LIMITED.


PARENTAL ADVISORY: Sensitive information will be shared and youth under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and ALL must sign a waiver.




#Share #TheGirlBoyNextDoor2019 

#Girl2Goddess #BreakTheCurse


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